Voicemail Guide

Call 888 (0733-222 888).

You can listen to and manage your voicemails by dialing in to 888. You can also call 889 (0733-222 889) to get to voice portal for more settings.

Play messages
If you have new messages, these will be played back immediately in a sequence when you call 888. You can also make the following selections by clicking on the numbers and symbols in your phone:

1. Back.
2. Pause.
3. Skip ahead.
4. Repeat.
5. Play who the message is from.
6. Skip to the next.
7. Delete.
*. To back a step in the menu to get more options. 

If you don't have any new messages and call 888, you'll see these options instead:

1. Listen to your messages.
2. Change the greeting at busy.
3. Change the no answer greeting.
4. Change the temporary greeting.
7. Delete all messages.
8. Manage the ability to record messages (turn off the ability to record).
*. Go to voice portal.
#. Repeat the options.

Voice Portal 889 (0733-222 889)
If you dial 889, you can select:

1. Access you voicemailbox.
2. Greeting’s menu.
3. Change call forwarding options.
4. Change your PIN code.

Access voicemail from abroad
Call +46 733-222 888 to listen to your voicemail from abroad. To access state your phone number and PIN code.