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Telenor Prepaid card

Talk more, pay less

Always free calls, texts and MMS messages within Sweden, and up to 500 minutes of free calls to your nearest and dearest abroad.


Unlimited calls, texts and MMS messages within Sweden


Use your minutes for calls to the Middle East, EU/EEA, UK and USA


The best prepaid card for keeping in touch

  • Choose between 20 minutes of calls to the Middle East or 100 minutes of calls to EU/EES, UK and USA
  • Unlimited calls, texts and MMS within Sweden
  • 1 GB data

100 kr
Valid for: 31 days

  • Choose between 100 minutes of calls to the Middle East or 500 minutes of calls to EU/EES, UK and USA
  • Unlimited calls, texts and MMS within Sweden
  • 10 GB data

250 kr
Valid for: 31 days

Så skaffar du Hello kontantkort

Get started:

1. Order a sim card
Start by ordering a free starter kit with your new sim card. Order here >

2. Top it up
When you get your new sim card, or if you already have one, you can top it up with Hello! Top up >

3. Make cheap calls
Now you are ready to make cheap calls to loved ones abroad. You also have unlimited calls within Sweden. Top up >

Talk more, pay less to Middle East - Turkey, Egypt, Iran and others
Talk more, pay less to EU, EEA and USA - Germany, Poland, France and others

Top up with more minutes

Have you run out of minutes within 31 days? Top up your balance on your Hello phone card so you can continue to call at super-low prices. You can easily do that by using Rörligt/Saldo (Extra balance).

Top it up with 50 or 100 SEK, and keep on calling at super-low prices. See the full price list here

Keep in touch with Skype and Viber

You can also use your data to make calls online.

  • With Fixed Price Hello 1GB you can surf for 500 minutes
  • With Fixed Price Hello 10GB you can surf for 5,000 minutes

Frequently asked questions

  • Great that you want Hello! Hello is one of our fixed price options. You can choose between 1 GB and 10 GB. To get Hello, this is what to do:

  • Yes, for example you can make calls to both Egypt and France. 

    Please bear in mind that one minute of call time to the Middle East is equivalent to five minutes of call time to the EU/EES/UK/USA. For example, if you have Hello 1 GB, you have 19 minutes remaining for calls to the Middle East or 95 minutes remaining for calls to the EU/EES/UK/USA. And if you make a 10-minute call to Serbia, you have 18 minutes remaining for a call to Pakistan.

  • From February 1, 2023, all prepaid cards need to be registered. If it is not registered, you can't top it up. 

    Register your card 

    Still not working?

    • Check to see if the card is still valid. A prepaid card must be topped up at least once a year, otherwise it will expire. In the Telenor Ladda app, you can see if your prepaid card is still valid.
    • Make sure your payment card is activated for internet purchases. You do this by contacting your bank. Or try another payment method such as online banking or Swish.


  • If you have a prepaid card with Fixed price (for example 10 GB or Hello), you can use Extra Balance to make calls if you run out of minutes or if you wish to do something that’s not included such as sending an SMS to vote in a TV show or pay for a Blocket ad.

    With Extra Balance, you can also use your prepaid card in a country outside the EU/EEA. You load the prepaid card with Extra Balance, which you then use to make calls and surf the internet during your trip. Extra Balance is separate from your everyday balance, regardless if you have the Fixed or Flexible price plan. When in Sweden, your usual price plan applies.

    You can load Extra Balance in the usual way at or in the Telenor Ladda app.

  • It depends on the price plan. Fixed price Hello offers the best international rates.

    View rates here

  • All price plans for Telenor Fixed price prepaid cards (including Hello) apply either for one month or six months depending on your purchase, with the exception of Fixed price 0.5 GB which is valid for 7 days. Telenor Flexible price is valid for one year from the time of purchase.

    All prepaid cards become inactive after one year if they are not topped up. If that happens, you need to order a new one.

  • Does your balance still look low even though you’ve topped up your prepaid card with Telenor Fixed price or Telenor Surf? That’s probably because you sent an SMS with the word SALDO to 222. Hence, the balance appears in SEK even though you topped up in GB. (If you have Telenor Hello, the SMS will show your balance in minutes rather than SEK.)

    To get a balance in GB, we recommend you enter the Telenor Ladda app, log in at or enter *121# on your phone.